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Scott Shaw

U.S. History

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About Me

Educational History:

I graduated from high school in 1985 in central texas at Whitney High School.  I was involved in football

basketball,track and F.F.A.

I graduated from Baylor University in 1990 with a B.S. in secondary education.  I majored in history and kinesiology. 

I also played football at Baylor for 4 years.

Current Position:

I started teaching at madill last year in mid-October. I teach seven classes of U.S History.


Previous Position:

My teaching experience consists of eight years in Whitney Texas. At Whitney I was the head football coach and also coached track and powerlifting.  One thing that was unusual about my experience at Whitney is that I taught a construction class in which we actually built a complete house that the school sold.  I taught one year in Clifton Texas, one year in Fort Towson Oklahoma and last year here at madill.

I have sold real estate, designed and built houses and designed residential developments.  I worked in the oil field as flowhand prior to my teaching job at madill.  Currently I ranch and harvest pecans on my ranch in Fort Towson Oklahoma.

Personal Information:

My hobbies include hunting,fishing, and travel.  I have four coonhounds and like to coon hunt.  I also enjoy trotlining and noodling in the river.  I am definately an outdoor person.. I love to travel and hve been to Costa Rica ,Mexico, Hondurus, Panama, Grand Cayman and the Dominican Republic on Scuba diving trips..  I am wanting to buy property in Alaska so in my retirement I can spend the summers there.

Scott Shaw

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