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 Summer Feeding Opportunities!

Grocery Kit


Beginning Tuesday June 1st and each following Monday during the month of June, from 9am-11am, at the Wildcat Den.  Madill families with children from 0-18 years of age can pick up a grocery box for each of their children.  Each box includes items similar to the above picture.  There will be limited availability, first come first serve.

  If you have questions, please call 580-795-3303. 

Example of what a 7-day grocery kit includes:

Gallon of 1% Milk                Loaf of Bread (22 slices)

3 - Beef Hamburger Patties              8 oz - Ham Lunch Meat

8 - Slices of Cheese               3 - Peanut Butter Cups

3 - Jelly Cups                   Mustard & Mayo Packs

5 – Bowl Packs of Cereal                       6 – Fresh Apples

6 - Fresh Oranges                  Broccoli Florets

Tater Tots                          Chili Beans

Baby Carrots                       2 – Vegetable Swirl Juice

5 - Apple Juice                      5 - Orange Juice 


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