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            Madill Public School has been planning and implementing new precautions and safety measures as we plan for the 2020-2021 school year.  New disinfecting machines have been purchased and will be used daily.  If parents or students feel compelled to wear masks, please feel free to purchase those for use at school.  Temperature check procedures will be put into place and followed each day.  After many hours of debate, we will start school as planned according to the 2020-2021 calendar on August 13, 2020.   

We are excited to announce the opening of our PAWS Academy.  Madill Public School will be offering a three option approach to learning beginning August of 2020.  All of these options will allow students to participate in extracurricular activities such as fine arts, sports, or field trips.  However, the students enrolled in the virtual option will have other guidelines than those in option one and two. Prior to the uncertainties regarding the health climate,  we had the initial planning put into place so that each student could obtain an individualized quality education that meets their personal needs.  Now with the constant changing environment, these options have become of the utmost importance to assist our students and families.

Option one is the most traditional option.  It allows students to attend school and receive instruction on-site in a classroom with face to face instruction.  All students will automatically be enrolled in option one.  Option two is a blended learning approach, allowing students the benefits of both virtual instruction and face to face instruction.   Option three is an all virtual classroom.  Students will be educated at home via an online learning management system guided by a MPS certified teacher. 

It is a given that school will look very different in the fall.  New precautions and cleaning measures will be put into place and the students and staff will be at the forefront of our ongoing planning measures.  Families interested in an option other than traditional classroom setting should fill out the following form embedded below to be contacted and answer any questions  you may have.

Please see the attached graphic to better explain our three option educational opportunities.  We feel that all children can succeed given the right platform and environment that best suits them individually. 

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If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at any of our site offices.  We are looking forward to educating your students in the coming school year. 


Larry Case

                                       2020 – 2021                             

Please review the chart below which includes important criteria about each option.


Traditional Classroom Setting

Option 1


A combination of Online Coursework and Traditional Classroom Setting

Option 2


Online coursework Only

Option 3

  • Remain an MPS student
  • In person learning conversations and engagement
  • Social interaction with peers and staff for preparation of living in a connected world
  • Immediate access to libraries and materials
  • Technology and Internet provided, as needed





automatically enrolled in 

Option 1

  • Remain and MPS student
  • Same curriculum management system used for Blended and On-Site classroom setting for easy transition if needed for intermittent health concerns
  • Flexible schedule with individualized plan and supervised by a MPS certified teacher
  • Technology and Internet provided, as needed
  • Participate in school-sponsored athletic and fine arts programs (NCAA compliant)

Contract district registrar  for more information:

  • Remain and MPS student
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Flexible schedule
  • Individualized plan
  • Supervised by MPS certified teacher
  • Communication between teacher and parent, with regular updates provided
  • Technology and Internet provided, as needed




Contract district registrar  for more information:

All students at Madill Public Schools are automatically enrolled in Option 1.  If you are considering Option 2 or Option 3, please email the district registrar @ for more information.


2020-2021 School Calendar

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Plan de Aprendizaje a Distancia

sack lunchOpciones de comida:

Madill servirá almuerzos para llevar, recogidos en la cafetería de la escuela primaria. Para proteger mejor a los miembros de nuestro personal y a las familias, estamos ajustando nuestro horario para recoger dos veces por semana, lunes y miércoles. El horario de recogida será de 10 a.m. a 12 p.m. Consulte la información del itinerario a continuación para el servicio de comidas. Aún recibirá diez comidas en total durante la semana, pero solo le pedimos que la recoja de la siguiente manera:

Lunes: desayuno y almuerzo para Lunes y Martes

Miércoles: desayuno y almuerzo para Miércoles, Jueves y Viernes


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Williams Nominated for Vype Fan Poll; Cast Ballot through July 2
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