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Student Transfers

Student Transfers

Education Open Transfer Act – ( SB 783, effective January 1, 2022)

Students residing outside of the Madill Public School District may apply for a Student Transfer. 

Student Transfer applications will be approved / denied based upon the following criteria: Board Policy FE.

Capacity      –       Discipline     –      Attendance

Student Transfer Application

To request a transfer, simply complete the form below and return to the Administration office located at 510 W. McArthur St. Madill.

Parent Resources

Special Education Student Transfers

If a transfer application is received for a child with disabilities to MPS other than the district of residence of the child pursuant to the Education Open Transfer Act the following provisions shall apply:

      1.  The receiving district shall establish availability of the appropriate program, staff, and services prior to approval of the transfer;

       2.  Prior to the approval of the transfer of a child on an individualized education program (IEP), a joint IEP conference shall be required between the district of residence and the receiving district: and

 For complete policy see FEH

Student Transfers for Children of Teachers

Children or wards of individuals employed as teachers by the school district shall be allowed to transfer into the school district without regard to other transfer policies.  See policy FEF.


PK (4) 101 80
Kindergarten (7) 147 140
1st Grade (6) 110 120
2nd Grade (6) 120 120
3rd Grade (6) 119 120
4th Grade (6) 134 120
5th Grade (5) 112 100
6th Grade 115 125
7th Grade  145 125
8th Grade 129 125
9th Grade 160 125
10th Grade 134 125
11th Grade 118 125
12th Grade 112 125


K-12 Student Accident Insurance

Worried about paying for your child’s medical care if an accident should happen?

K & K’s student accident insurance can help!

K-12 Accident Plans available

At-School Accident Only

24-Hour Accident Only

Extended Dental


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