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Report cards are available at Oklahoma School Report Cards Page

Under the federal, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and Bill 3218, the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) was required to develop a new school accountability system. The resulting accountability system is now a dashboard-based platform that provides a snapshot of multiple aspects of school and student performance.

In contrast to previous years of Oklahoma’s school report cards, school performance is now being measured across multiple indicators, including academic achievement, academic growth, chronic absenteeism, progress in English language proficiency assessments, post secondary opportunities and graduation.  

Just as students’ report cards provide a snapshot of their school performance, the Oklahoma School Report Cards show how public schools across Oklahoma are serving students in a variety of areas. 

At the core of the Oklahoma School Report Cards is the belief that all students can grow and all schools can improve. While no student report card tells the full story of a child, no school report card tells the full story of a school. Education is far more than a single score or letter grade, but it is important that families and communities can see both strengths and areas that need support and improvement.


Teachers follow the state standards. The district’s curriculum department works closely with administrators and teachers to ensure that the content, depth, and rigor of the standards prepare students for college and career success.

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