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1-26-2021: Link to information for Choctaw Nation Graduation Cords




The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is currently assisting tribal members with COVID-19 Coronavirus relief funds.  COVID-19 funds available to help school aged students include COVID-19 Technology Allowance ($400.00) and the COVID-19 Student Assistance Program ($300.00).  Choctaw families who have negatively been impacted by the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency may benefit from these programs.  Both programs are a one-time occurrence and will end on September 30th, 2020.

The COVID-19 Technology Program is being offered to equip Choctaw children ages 5 to 18 with technology tools, such as laptops and internet access, that will better enable distance learning necessitated by COVID-19.  Eligible applicants would receive a one-time $400.00 allowance per eligible Choctaw dependent. The $400.00 VISA® prepaid card can be used at most electronic stores and telecommunication providers across the nation.

The COVID-19 Student Assistance Program is designed to assist Choctaw children ages 3 – 18 with school clothing, school supplies, and masks.  The $300.00 VISA® prepaid card can be used at most clothing outlets across the nation. 

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma COVID-19 Coronavirus Relief Fund programs will be offered based on available funding; applications are now open.  For program information and qualification requirements, please visit

If you have questions, please feel free to call or email me.  Feel free to share this information with school officials, parents and students.


Lori Wells Kirk

Assistant Director | High School Student Services | Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma | (580)924-8280 Ext. 4007 | Fax:  (580)920-3111