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Jamie Qualls

Special Education

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8:05 - 8:45 (First Hour)

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About Me

Educational History:

I’m an Oklahoma girl! Graduated from Putnam City High School in Oklahoma City, from THE University of Oklahoma with a Bachelors of Science in Special Education and from the University of Central Oklahoma with a MasterÅ› degree in Teaching English Language Learners. 

Current Position:

I have been a teacher FOREVER! Seriously, I´ve been teaching for 28 years and this is my second year at Madill High School. I began my teaching career in Ithaca, New York and then moved to Eatontown, New Jersey. Then, back to the Putnam City School district. I left teaching for 8 years and worked in the non-profit field. I returned to teaching while living in Charlotte, North Carolina and continued when we moved first to Wichita, Kansas and Albuquerque, New Mexio. We returned to Oklahoma and I taught in the Putnam City and Deer Creek school districts before moving to Kingston and the Madill school district. This will be my LAST school district, I´m never leaving!

Family Information:

My husband is also a teacher at Madill High School. We are both in the special education department. We have three dogs, one grandson, and an adorable daughter-in-law and a charming son. Family is important!

Jamie Qualls

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8:05 - 8:45 (First Hour)