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Sandee Westmoreland

Library Media Specialist

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About Me

Educational History:

After graduating from Marietta High School (Go Indians!) in 1979, I briefly attended Cooke County College (Go Lions!) in Gainesville, Texas, and then transferred to Southeastern Oklahoma State University (Go Savages!) in Durant, Oklahoma. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Education from SOSU in December of 1983. 

I worked briefly as an English teacher at Tushka High School (Go Tigers!) in Atoka County, but at the time, it just wasn't meant for me to be in the classroom. 
Twenty-two years ago, I began a second teaching career when I was hired at Kingston High School (Go Redskins!) on beautiful Lake Texoma. I taught English, journalism, and speech classes there until I was given the opportunity to return to East Central University (Go Tigers!) in Ada and receive my Masters in Library Media and became the school's Library Media Specialist. 
In August of 2013, I decided to drive a bit further down the road to join the faculty and staff at Madill Middle School. (Go Wildcats!) 

Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Education from Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Masters in Library Media from East Central University

Family Information:

After college graduation, I spent several years as a stay at home mommy to two of the best things that ever happened to me: Manette Ch'von and Lucretia D'nae. They were brilliant, beautiful gifts from God as babies and have grown into brilliant beautiful women. 

Manette is a 2003 graduate of Durant High School (Go Lions!). 'Nette also took college courses at Southeastern Oklahoma State University (Go Savages!) during her senior year, before transferring to East Central University (Go Tigers!) where she graduated with honors in 2007. In March of 2006, Manette married and in 2009, she and her husband John added to my blessings with the birth of my first granddaughter, Mattie Grace. Mattie attends school at Bells (Texas) Elementary (Go Panthers!). Manette and John had their second child, Brooks Thomas, in March of 2015. 
My oldest daughter and her family
Lucretia graduated as a "Soonior" (that's a cross between a senior and junior because she elected to graduate a year early) from Kingston High School (Go Redskins!) in 2005. 'Cretia also attended classes at Southeastern her last year of high school and had completed 18 hours of college credit while still in high school. After graduation, she joined her sister at East Central as a theater major. In December 2011, Lucretia received her Bachelors Degree from SOSU (Go Storm!). She married in August of 2012 and, she and her husband, Levi, graduated from SOSU May 2014; She with her second degree and him with his first. They had their first child, River Jade, in December of 2014.

My youngest daughter and her family

You would think with both my girls gone, my house would be rather quiet, but "my fur babies" keep it pretty noisy! I have become a "Pom Mom" to two female Pomeranians, "Pandora's Barks" (a/k/a Dora) and "Midnight Medusa" (a/k/a eMMe). They serve as my canine alarm clock (up at 5:00 a.m. EVERY morning) and serve as my personal trainer by forcing me to take a walk each day. 


Sandee Westmoreland

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