Middle School - Peanut/Nut Free Campus
Gaylynn Smith, Principal & Wanda Anderson
Monday, October 09 2017

Dear Parents,

This letter is to inform you that students in your child's school have a severe peanut/nut allergy.  Strict avoidance of peanut/nut products is the only way to prevent a life threatening allergic reaction.  We are asking your assistance in providing the student with at safe learning environment.

If exposed to peanuts/nuts the student may develop a life-threatening allergic reaction that requires emergency medical treatment.  To reduce the risk of exposure, the Middle School will be as peanut/nut free as possible.  Please, avoid sending any peanut or tree nut containing products to school parties and dances, as well as snacks for your child to eat during classes.  Any exposure to peanuts or nuts through contact or ingestion can cause a severe reaction/  If your child has eaten peanuts, peanut butter, or nuts prior to coming to school, ;ease be sure your child's hands have been thoroughly washed prior to entering the school.

Since lunch is eaten in the cafeteria, your child may bring peanut butter, peanut, or nut products for lunch.  In the cafeteria there will be a designated peanut-free table where any classmate without  peanut or nut products can sit.  If your child sits at this table with a peanut or nut product she/he will be asked to move to another table.  This plan will help to maintain safety in the school while allowing non-allergic classmates to enjoy peanut/nut products in a controlled environment.  The cafeteria in the Wildcat Den no longer serves peanut butter sandwiches, or peanut butter cookies.  Following lunch, the children will be encouraged to wash their hands prior to going to recess.  The tables will be cleaned after each lunch.

We appreciate our support of these procedures.  If you have any questions, please contact us.


Gaylynn Smith, MS Principal

Wanda Anderson,  504 Coordinator