FAQ'S for Parents and Guardians
Linda Rollins
Monday, August 07 2017

What time may I drop my child off at school?

Teachers do not report until 7:45 therefore we prefer that you not drop your student off before that time to ensure they are supervised.  If your child does arrive before this time they are required to go eat in the cafeteria until at least 7:45 or report directly to the gym.  Students are not allowed to be unsupervised on the playground before 7:45

May students have a backpack at the Middle School?

Students are allowed to have backpacks but may not have them in the classrooms.  Students must keep their backpacks in their assigned lockers (no exceptions).  We require students to have a Trapper Keeper so that all materials needed for class can be dept in it.  Your student will only have to carry their Trapper Keeper, Laptop (7th & 8th grade only), and their library book to each of their classes.

May students put a lock on their locker(s)?

We highly recommend that you purchase a lock for your child's locker(s).  Your student is required to provide our office with a key or combination to their lock(s).

Madill Schools are not responsible for lost or stolen personal items

What if my student also has an athletic bag or band instrument that will not fit in their locker with their other bag?

We will gladly issue your student an additional locker in our annex building for their athletic bags and/or band instruments.  We highly recommend that you purchase a lock for their lockers.  We will  not allow backpacks, athletic equipment, or band instruments to be kept in the classrooms or the office.

Madill Schools are not responsible for lost or stolen personal items

May students bring cell phones or other electronic devices to school?

Yes, they may have cell phones or other electronic devices at school but they must remain off and out of sight during classes (unless used with a lesson and given permission of teacher).  Students are only allowed to have the devices out and on during outside recess time before school or at lunch.  If your student is caught with a device during unauthorized times they will be disciplined.

1st offense:  Device taken and given back to student at the end of the school day.

2nd offense: Device taken, ISS issued to student, and device returned to student at the end of the school day.  

3rd offense:  Device taken, ISS issued to student, and device must be picked up by parent.  Student not allowed to bring device back to school for 2 weeks.

 4th offense:  Device taken, ISS issued to student, and device must be picked up by parent.  Student not allowed to have device at school for the remainder of the school year.


May Students receive deliveries at school?

     Food -- Students are not permitted to receive delivered lunches consisting of fast food.  If parents bring fast food the student must sit in the vehicle with the parent to eat

    Gifts-- Gifts may not include glass or balloons due to safety hazards

What happens if my student is absent for 4 or more days in a semester?

We believe that your child must be in school to receive a complete education.  Absences disrupt the educational process and often times does not allow your student to achieve to the best of their abilities.  Therefore, we monitor our students absences on a daily basis.  Absences are no longer excused or unexcused.  If your child is not in school for any reason it is considered an absence.  We do ask that you bring medical notes for absences so that we have record when making important decision if absences reach 10 or more.  When your student reaches 4 absences within a semester you will be sent a warning letter.  Upon the 7th absence you will again be sent a warning letter stating that your child is in jeopardy of failing. After the 10th absence you and your child may be referred to the DA for Truancy court.  Disclaimer: The decision to proceed to court or failing a student will be at the discretion of the administrator and depending on the nature of the absences.  We understand that many unusual or unplanned events can prevent a child from being at school.  It is pertinent that you stay in touch with the School Counselor or Administrator if such an event/issue is occurring with your child.

What happens if my child is tardy to class?

We believe it is important for all students to be in class on time daily.  Tardiness is defined as a student not being seated in class when the bell rings.  Teachers will record all tardies and will be allowed to handle the first three class tardies per semester internally per their classroom rules.  Upon the 4th tardy in a 9 week period the student will be referred to the Principal's office.

What if my child does not have the required materials daily for class?

All students are expected to be prepared for all classes.  This is generally having paper, pencil, laptop (provided by school), and class folder.  If your child consistently comes to class unprepared the teacher may assign lunch detention and then refer them to the office if the behavior doesn't change.  Teachers will send messages on the Remind App to inform parents the student is coming to class unprepared on a regular basis.  If for any reason you cannot provide supplies to your child, we would be happy to do so if you communicate this need to us.  Students are unable to participate in their education if they are not fully equipped to do so.

What happens if my child does not hand in their assignment on time?

All assignments are to be handed in on the due date.  If your student does not have their assignment completed on the due date they may hand it in on the following day with a deduction of 10 points for late work.  beyond the next day your student will receive a zero for the assignment.  After 3 zero's per class and each zero thereafter your child must call you and inform you of the zeros.  Our goal is that students learn the importance of due dates and be prepared for college and real life.  We feel we are doing a disservice to our students if we do not hold them accountable or let them go back several weeks to do assignments.  Our goal is that students learn the importance of due dates and to be prepared for both college and real life.  Our teachers will make every effort to stay in contact with you through the Remind App (this is important that you sign up for this). You are also welcome to view the online gradebook at any time to determine if your child is failing to hand in assignments on time.  This does not apply to absences.  If your child is absent they will have as many days to make up the assignment as they were absent.

What if my child needs tutoring?

We offer several options for our students to receive additional help with their education.  Any student may come in before or after school to meet with a Tutor.  CDIB students may attend tutoring after school (must enroll with director of program).  An after school program is also offered that provides tutoring and activities for a limited number of students (pending grant approval) (students must enroll and be accepted by 21st Century Director).  Students may also access many lessons online and practice skills with online programs we offer, such as Study Island, Reading Plus, Prodigy, and Voyager.

How can I check my child's grades, absences and lunch account balance?

Madill Public Schools provides an online gradebook that is available for viewing 24/7 on the website.  In the gradebook you will find grades, absences, and lunch account balances.  You will be supplies with a username and password at the beginning of the school year.  Your child will also be given a username and password.  We encourage both parents and students to view their grades on a frequent basis.  Students will have a very limited time to turn in late assignments and will not be allowed to turn in any assignments that are a week overdue.  If you as a parent are unable to access the website for any reason we invite you to stay in contact with our school counselor or to visit our office.  We will be happy to print out grades for you and discuss with you any concerns you may have.

How will I know if my child is failing/ineligible?

Eligibility list are ran every Monday morning.  If your child is failing a class or classes you will be sent a letter listing the classes with failing grades.  It is very important that you supply our office with any change of address so that you receive communications from our office concerning your child.  Wengage Gradebook is also available to you 24/7 on the school website.  You are welcome to communicate with our School counselor concerning your child at any time.

What is lunch detention?

Your child may be assigned lunch detention for minor behavioral issues or for late/missing assignments.  If assigned, your child will report to the library when the lunch bell rings and work on missing/late assignments or an essay related to their misbehavior.  This detention is usually our first step if warnings haven't been successful.  After 20 minutes the students will be escorted to the Wildcat Den to eat lunch.  This will be a regular tray lunch or your child is welcome to bring their own lunch.  They will remain in the Wildcat Den until recess is over and it is time to return to class.  We will normally not have time to notify a parent of this detention due to the swiftness for the action (many days they will be assigned the same day that the infraction occurred).  We will though notify you by mail that the detention occurred.

What is after school detention?

Your child may be assigned after school detention for, but not limited to, excessive tardies, continued unpreparedness for class, missing/late work, behaviors that warrant more than lunch detention, or continued misbehaviors after lunch detention has been served.  This detention will be held after school from 3:30 - 4:30.  If your child is assigned after school detention they must call you to inform you of the assignment and why they are being assigned.  If they are unable to serve on the same day we will assign them the following day.  You will be responsible for and must make transportation arrangements for your child and be on time to pick them up at 4:30.

How can I communicate or receive communications concerning my child?

All teachers are using the RIND APP this year.  We ask that you sign up so that our teachers can communicate with you about your  child or your child's class events.  Our teachers will be using their APP frequently this year to increase parent communications.  We will supply directions to you at any time on how to set up the APP.  You may also use email to communicate with your child's teachers.  Our teachers provide their email on the class syllabus at the beginning of school, they are listed on the website, or can be provided to you by the office.  You may also call our office at any time to speak with the School counselor, Principal or to leave a message for a teacher.  Parent/Teacher communication is vital in a child's education and we encourage you to communicate with us about any questions, issues, or concerns you may have.